Annelise Schmid

Now that the renovation of the building is complete and the Villa Sträuli has been up and running for some time, the main task lies in maintaining and developing our various spheres of activity—an equally challenging job. I continue to enjoy working with our highly motivated team and supportive foundation board in the international atmosphere of our cultural institution.

Gabriele Huggenberg

Communications, Deputy Director
For me, the Villa Sträuli’s Kultursalon has something of a big city feel about it, and the different artists living and working in the Villa bring a taste of the wide world to Winterthur. In addition to overseeing the artists-in-residence, I handle various communications tasks, including maintaining the website and promoting our own events.

Alfonsina Diamante

In my view the Villa Sträuli, with its neo-baroque character, is the perfect place for art, in all its forms, to flourish and for different cultures to come into contact. The Villa Sträuli is where classical meets contemporary, national meets international, and the extraordinary meets the everyday. It’s a special place and I take pleasure in keeping an administrative eye on the Villa’s many spheres of activity.  

Dominic Ott and Darius Albrecht

We keep the "old lady" running smoothly.  

Janine Bachmann

Head Service
Manager Event Catering
Janine Bachmann, experienced restaurateur and familiar face in the Winterthur restaurant scene, is our first service expert.
Above all, she is your contact when it comes to ensuring that your event at the Villa Sträuli runs smoothly: whether seminar, workshop, wedding, birthday, or corporate lunch/dinner, she will see that your event is organised with the utmost care.

Tanja Frischknecht

I see Villa Sträuli as an oasis, a place brimming with life. The herbs and flowers from our garden are used in our kitchen.

I love working with my team to develop ideas and to devise delicious dishes for the Villa’s guests. During the winter months, I do all the cooking on my own – but my enthusiasm for preparing first-rate food for our guests never fades.

Paco Manzanares


I take pleasure in providing visitors to this vibrant cultural institution with a superior culinary experience. Our natural resources are a pursuit of quality and sound craftsmanship, seasoned with a hefty pinch of humour, sensitivity, and curiosity. The cuisines of Peru and Japan find a place in my culinary repertoire alongside local, market-fresh, Mediterranean fare.

Christoph Graf

Since May 2020 I'm part of the kitchen team of the Villa Sträuli.

Hiroko Nishimura

Kitchen, Sommerbistro and Kulturbistro
Hiroko Nishimura assists our two Sommerbistro chefs and also cooks for our Saturday Matinée and Kultursalon events.

Jael Burri

Bistro Saturday Matinée 
I serve our guestson each saturday before and after the concert. 

Tanja Müller

Tanja works especially in summertime in the bistro. 
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