The Studios

Each of the Villa Sträuli’s three studios is an independent flat with a living/working space, a small kitchen, a bedroom (doublebed), and a shower/WC. Layouts and furnishings vary in the studios.

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

On the first floor:
Kitchen / living room / workingspace, 25 m2
Bedroom / workingspace, 24 m2
Terrace, 42 m2
On the second floor:
Living room / workingspace, 25 m2 
Bedroom, 18 m2

On the second floor: 
Kitchen /living room, 20 m2  
Bedroom, 18 m2

On the third floor:
Loft space, with sloping roof, 43 m2

Studios in the basement

  • Studio for visual arts, 30 m2
  • Soundproof studio with piano, 21 m2

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