Interested in performing at the Villa Sträuli? Please note the following:

Do not send in any applications for a Matinée concert at the moment

As we have so many requests, we have to stopp accepting any application. So we ask not to send any applications at the moment. As soon as we accept applications again, we will inform at the homepage of our website.         

At the present time most of the Villa Sträuli’s evening Kultursalon events are part of theme-based programmes, collaborations with other institutions, or centre on the work of Villa Sträuli artists-in-residence. Other events/projects will be considered only in exceptional cases. Musicians may apply to perform at a Saturday Matinée event; all styles of music are considered. Please note that Saturday Matinée concerts are limited to 30 minutes in duration (11 to 11:30 a.m.). Please indicate what region you would come from. 

Inquiries should be sent in writing (post or e-mail) to the Villa Sträuli office; be sure to include complete information (brief biography, your proposed programme, audio sample). We will discuss your application at one of our next programming meetings. If we are interested, we will contact you. We receive many inquiries and therefore cannot respond to each one in detail. If you do not hear from us within three months you may assume that we are not interested or that we are unable to include you in our programme. Application materials sent to us will be returned only upon request.

Please send all inquiries about performing at the Villa Sträuli to:

Operations and Programme Commission
The current members of the Operations and Programme Commission are:
Ruth Girod 
Roger Girod (member of the foundation board)
Annelise Schmid (Director, Villa Sträuli)
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