22. Feb. 2021 - 24. Apr. 2021

Rahel Zoë Buschor &  HongSoo Kim

performer (CH) and actor, director (KOR)

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15. Jan. 2021 - 15. Apr. 2021

Jessie Marino

composer from USA

Jessie Marino is a composer, performer, and media artist from New York. Her work explores the repetition inside common activities, ritualistic absurdities, and uncovering nostalgic technologies. Jessie’s pieces score out sound, video, physical movements, lighting, and staging, which are then placed within organized temporal structures, fractured narratives and musical frameworks. Much of Marino’s interdisciplinary compositional work eschews conventional instrumentation, with scores that ask performers to use their bodies—using precisely articulated gestures, facial expressions, and quotidian physical movements—both as an alternative and a complement to musical sounds. Her work maps out the way humans communicate with their bodies on a performative timeframe, revealing the musicality hidden within everyday gesticulations, signs, and demonstrations, transmitted both consciously and unconsciously.

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15. Jan. 2021 - 15. Apr. 2021

Manuel  Pessoa de Lima

composer from Brazil

Manuel Pessoa de Lima is a Brazilian performer-composer. He works with the color red, is interested in the theme of failure and creates site-specific performances with confessional elements.

Currently based in Berlin, develops solo performances with speech, sound, video and red light. Themes in his work often include creating irony around the notion of high culture, destabilizing the traditional concert setting. Exploring failure is a theme of great interest developed in his most recent solo "The Failed Pianist", featured at the Send-Receive Festival (Canada) and at the Schloss Solitude Summerfest (Germany).

 Holds a doctoral degree in the Performer-Composer program by CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) and has performed his solo work in Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, Tel-Aviv, Stuttgart, Winnipeg and São Paulo. Awarded by Vitae Foundation and by the Culture Secretary of State (ProAc). Has composed for cinema, contemporary dance, theater and television.
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