16. Oct. 2019 - 30. Nov. 2019

Akusua Adoma Owusu

filmmaker from USA/Ghana

Since 2016 the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, in cooperation with Villa Sträuli and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SED) 
selects at the Festival del Film in Locarno a moviemaker from the participants from Open Doors, the Summer Academy or Pardi di Domani for a residency in Winterthur at Villa Sträuli. 

This summer Akosua Adoma Owusu was awarded this residency.

01. Sep. 2019 - 30. Nov. 2019

Alican Çamci

composer from the USA

Alican Çamci’s output includes works for small and large ensembles, electro-acoustic compositions, solo instrumental music, and sound installations. His recent works feature an investigation of sound as a potentially documentary medium. He seeks to explore this aspect through the use of field and speech recordings, found sounds, everyday materials in relation to the performative dimension introduced by the musicians in a live situation.

A native of Istanbul, Turkey, he studied composition at the Peabody Conservatory with Michael Hersch. Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Chicago, where he continues his studies with Augusta Read Thomas, Anthony Cheung, and Sam Pluta. In addition to his studies there, he has received further instruction from composers such as, Clarence Barlow, Carola Bauckholt, Pierluigi Billone, Beat Furrer, Georg Friedrich Haas, Isabel Mundry, Alberto Posadas, and Matthias Spahlinger in masterclasses and academies such as ManiFeste 2017, Forum des Jeunes Compositeurs 2016, Impuls 2015, among others. 
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Alican Çamci in Radio Stadtfilter Tuesday October 1, 2019

01. Sep. 2019 - 30. Nov. 2019

Natalia Bilotserkivets und Mykola Riabchuk

authors from ukraine

Natalia Bilotserkivets is a Ukrainian poet and translator. She was born on November 8, 1954 in the village of Kuianivka, Bilopillia Raion, Sumy Oblast. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.  Currently Natalia is working in a “Ukrainian Culture” magazine. Some of Bilotserkivets’ works are translated into German, English, Polish, Swedish, Belarussian, and Russian.

Mykola Riabchuk is a Ukrainian poet, translator, prose writer and essayist, honorary president of the Ukrainian PEN Centre and a senior research fellow at the Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Born in 1953 in the city of Lutsk, he spent his adolescent years in Lviv. In 1970-1973, he studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, but was expelled for unauthorized literary activity, and had to take various odd jobs – of a railway builder, theatre electrician, loader at a book factory and alike.

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