01. Sep. 2017 - 30. Sep. 2017

Anna Kim

Author from Austria

Author from Austria

Anna Kim was born in 1977 in Daejeon, South Korea. In 1979, she moved with her family to Germany and then to Vienna, Austria, where she has been living since 1984. Her novel Anatomie einer Nacht (The Anatomy of a Night) was published by Suhrkamp in 2012. She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants for her work, including, in 2012, the European Union Prize for Literature.

Anna Kim’s residency at the Villa Sträuli has been made possible thanks to a partnership with the Association of Swiss Authors (AdS).

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Copyright, photo of Anna Kim: Werner Geiger

31. Aug. 2017 - 13. Oct. 2017

Heba Khalifa

Visual artist from Egypt

Heba Khalifa is at a critical milestone in her life. She wants to explore the concept of separation as a milestone for finding oneself and knowing oneself. Art expression for her is not only a choice but a process of exfoliating by which she helps herself and others shed our weakness and develop new thick skin. She will self-reflect and document her own journey but as she works collaboratively she will work with women on their similar struggles with different forms of release. She will use collages, crafts, simple objects, painting and photography to document this conceptually.

Heba Khalifa is invited by Pro Helvetia. 

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25. Aug. 2017 - 21. Nov. 2017

Wei Li

Visual artist from China

We live in the information age, but do we really know the place where we live? Do we really know the people around us? At the age of nine years old, Li Wei started imagine and create many different pictures of Switzerland in her mind since then. Switzerland translated to Chinese is about peaceful, more like a wonderland instead of a nation. Many years later, talking to foreigner friends about China, Li Wei found that they also have lots of persistent impressions of China.

"Hear" and"say" are the principal way to disseminate information in human society - we spread news in this way, spread public opinion in this way, most of the time, our willpower can not change the truth, but people use to turn the truth to what they hope from oneself experience.

In the project of "Hearsay" he will interview three different kind of people (1) people who have never been to Switzerland. (2) people who have been to Switzerland. (3) people in Switzerland, trying to collect impression of Switzerland through different people. The project is including performance and video.

Li Wei is invited by Pro Helvetia to this three month's resideny at the Villa Sträuli.

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