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Hörsalon Mai: Geister im Gelände mit Ariane von Graffenried, Mo Hager und Maru Rieben - Foto Stefan Kubli

Hörsalon März: Geister sind auch nur Menschen - mit Katja Brunner - Foto Stefan Kubli


Samstag, 23. Juni 2018

Duo Schneider / Stoop: Canciones

Daniel Schneider und Jacqueline Stoop
Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018
Meet the artist

Zhang Ruyi: Artist Talk und Vernissage

Artist Talk und Vernissage
Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

The New Modus Quartet

Donnerstag, 05. Juli 2018

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Villa Sträuli, Villa Straeuli, Winterthur
Elmir Mirzoev

july 3 until
november 30, 13

Elmir Mirzoev, composer from Azerbaijan

Elmir Mirzoev was born in Baku and studied composition
at the Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music. He is well
acquainted with the major developments of new music
and has composed works that display a high degree
of originality and complexity. As one of the most important
composers in Azerbaijan, he has been awarded several
grants and prizes for his music and, since 1996, has
received commissions from foundations around the
world (including Pro Helvetia). For many years, he
served as artistic director of the renowned SoNoR
ensemble and of several music festivals in Baku.
Mirzoev is also socially, politically, and culturally
active as an organiser of cultural projects, festivals,
and other events. In addition, he works as a freelance
journalist and is editor of www.kultura.az, an internet
portal for culture and art.

Elmir Mirzoev
Ruth Hommelsheim

july 2 until
august 29, 13

Ruth Hommelsheim, Visual artist from Germany

Ruth Hommelsheim is an artist who works on
interdisciplinary and solo projects. While her main
medium is photography, Hommelsheim extends the
boundaries of the medium, reflecting on its condition
and transgressing the documentary approach.
Ruth Hommelsheim (*1965) studied photography in
Darmstadt/Germany and now lives and works in Berlin.
In 2007 she co-founded Loris Gallery, a collective and
discursive platform for visual, but also societal, political
and social implementations of artistic questions.
Hommelsheim’s work has been exhibited throughout
Germany, Europe and recently China.


> Artikel in "Der Landbote", PDF in german

Ruth Hommelsheim

Ret'sepile Makamane

January 15 until
June 15, 13
and Mid August until
end of September

Ret'sepile Makamane, Author from Lesotho

Ret'sepile Makamane grew up listening to her
grandmother’s stories in a rural village in Lesotho.
She has been writing fiction since she was 18 years

After studying Philosophy and Theatre at the National
University of Lesotho, she moved to South Africa where
she studied Drama and Film at the University of
Witwatersrand. She then became a Commissioning
Editor for SABC Television in Johannesburg, writing
short stories in her spare time.

In 2008, she won a scholarship to the University of
Leeds, England, and subsequently moved onto the
MA course in Creative Writing at the University of
East Anglia, where she gained a distinction and
was awarded a Charles Pick Fellowship.

Her short stories have appeared in literary magazines
across the world. At the Villa Sträuli she intends to
work on her first novel.

Ret'sepile Makamane
Shayma Kamel

march 3 until
mai 31, 13

Shayma Kamel, Visual artist from Egypt


Shayma Kamel has rolled up into her painting-
collages a whole collection of intertwining jokes
that the average viewer might not notice. Kamel
clearly takes joy in her work, and whether or not
you get the joke, her works are full of energy, texture,
and intrigue.

Kamel began her collage work a year ago, after
former President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.
Previously, she had maintained a straightforward
painting style that dealt predominantly with issues
concerning women in the Arab world, but in her
recent works, Kamel takes on global politics.

> Flyer Meet the Artist

Shayma Kamel

The residency of
Shayma Kamel
is supported by
Sampurna Chattarji
Joseph Kudirka

January 15 until
June 15, 13

Joseph Kudirka, Composer from USA

Josehp Kudirka is a composer of scored experimental
music. His pieces have been performed in numerous
venues in North America, Europe, Asia and New
Zealand. He also work as a performer of the music
of others, and has given premiers of works by
numerous composers. In both of these roles,
his interest is in how the score mediates the
conception of a pieces as a real but abstract
entity between composer and performer , who
both have an equal stake in the temporary
exposition of the abstract piece in the present.

Joseph Kudirka
Petra Paffenholz

January 15 until
February 27, 13

Petra Paffenholz, Visual artist from Germany


Petra Paffenholz
Kristian Ireland

November 30 until
December 15, 12

Kristian Ireland, Composer and pianist from Australia

Composer, Musician, Researcher
(b. 1975, Melbourne, Australia).

Kristian Ireland’s music has received performances
across Europe, the U.S., Australia, and Japan, by leading
exponents of contemporary music. Ireland holds a
Doctorate and a Master of Arts degree in music composition
from Stanford University (California), where he studied
primarily with Brian Ferneyhough. He attended Harvard
University as a Visiting Scholar at the Department of
Music (2009-2010), studying with Chaya Czernowin.
He completed a Bachelor of Music in composition at
the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne) studying
primarily with Chris Dench, and at Monash University


Kristian Ireland
Tamer Fathy

October 2 until
november 15, 12

Tamer Fathy, dancer from Egypt.

Tamer Fathy was only 8 years old when he started to
dance. He studied at the High Institute of ballet in
Egypt (nine years diploma in ballet) and (BA) for
four years in choreography. Afterwords he went to
England for a scholarship from Urdang academy in
London for a 3 years diploma in performing arts.
For the last 25 years, Tamer Fathy has worked as
a professional dancer choreographer and theater
director with many theatres.

Tamer Fathy

The residency of
Tamer Fathy
is supported by
Sampurna Chattarji
Chiaralice Rizzi &
Alessandro Laita

july 2 until
december 15, 12

Chiaralice Rizzi & Alessandro Laita,
visual artists from Venezia, Italia.

Before leaving for a three-week stay in Venice, I'd asked
Lewis Baltz for just one recommendation. Contact
Chiaralice Rizzi and Alessandro Laita (he said).
Shortly after I got to their studio, Chiaralice told me
they didn't work together, but that their work was
"connected". They showed me some projects, and
in particular (an exception to the rule) the dummy
of a book of photographs they were producing together.
Found photographs by another artist: a life, and works,
since the 1950s, and the surrounding world; a rigorous
editing process maintaining just the right distance, to
make an artists' book. 1 + 2 = 1. [...] Chiaralice is between
language and image. She enunciates, writes, quotes
from what she reads, what inspires her, displaying a
precise view (photographs, videos, the projection of a
slide), however elusive, or even deceptive, of the
elements or the passage of time. We were in agreement
about Brodsky. Alessandro, unobtrusive, between
contemplation and action, needing to take time before
reacting, to take stock before becoming physically
involved. [...] Since then, I've been curious – about
each of them, and what will be played out between
them. A position they may not have chosen; one that
imposed itself, distinctive, unlike that of other couples
of artists. It's interesting in that each work by one of them,
autonomous, calls (more or less discreetly or distinctly)
to one by the other, which responds to it. But they're
carving out their individual paths, decisively. I don't think
they're particularly concerned with maintaining a balance
between their oeuvres. It just happens naturally. Which
is something of a miracle – and one that, to my mind,
looks set to continue.

Anne Bertrand

> Profil Alessandro Laita
> Profil Chiaralice Rizzi

Chiaralice Rizzi

Alessandro Laita

Massimo Pianese

july 2 until
december 15, 12

Massimo Pianese, visual artist from Napoli, Italia.

The visual artist Massimo Pianese is born in 1979
in Napels and finished his studies aht the Academy
of Fine Arts in Naples. Since 2003 he has been working
as assistant of the artist Gian Marco Montesano. In his
own art Massimo Pianese focuses on the theme environ-
ment and its different types of crises. But also the relation-
ship with the tradition, extinction of systems plants or
animals fundamental for balance of the ecosystem and
stories of special characters.

IIn the Villa Sträuli Massimo Pianes will work at the
second part of a cross-media, multidisciplinary art
project „You are not a Salmon“ - The reversal of flows.

The first part of the project was shown in Italy:

Massimo Pianese is guest artist at the Change
Course Conference - Club of Rome from dec. 8 -
11 2012 in the Theater of Winterthur.
Opening: December 8, at 7 pm
> Documentation

Massimo Pianese

Rita Torres

August 2 until
september 29, 12

Rita Torres, composer from Portugal and Germany.

She was born in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she
obtained degrees in Chemical Engineering and Guitar.
She received a diploma in Composition in the class of
Wolfgang Rihm at the Hochschule für Musik (HfM)
Karlsruhe, Germany. She has been awarded the
Baden-Württemberg Graduate Scholarship and
later the Mathilde Planck Contract Lectureship.

Rita Torres is currently a Music Technology PhD
candidate at the School of the Arts of the Portuguese
Catholic University being supervised by Paulo Ferreira
Lopes, Thomas A. Troge and Erik Oña, and funded by
Portugal’s Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

As a PhD candidate she is a researcher of the
Research Center for Science and Technology in Art
(CITAR) in Porto and a guest researcher at the Institute
of Music and Acoustics of the ZKM Karlsruhe and at the
ComputerStudio of the HfM Karlsruhe having also
conducted her work at the ExperimentalStudio of the
SWR (Freiburg).

Rita Torres

Copyright Foto: Pedro Baptista
Sampurna Chattarji

july 12

Sampurna Chattarji, poet from Mumbai, India.

Sampurna Chattarji is a writer, poet and translator.
Her poetry features in several journals and anthologies.
She was the winner of the Charles Wallace India Trust
Creative Writing Scholarship 2005, which took her to
Edinburgh and the recipient of the Highlights Foundation
Scholarship 2006 which took her to New York. She has
completed two collections of short stories, and has
finished her first novel. Sampurna is an Executive
Committee Member of the PEN All-India Centre, Mumbai.

Published works:
Sight May Strike You Blind (Poetry, Sahitya Akademi,
New Delhi, India)
The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Fiction, Penguin India)
Abol Tabol: The Nonsense World of Sukumar Ray
(Translation, Penguin India)

In the Villa Sträuli Sampurna Chattarji would like to pursue
her fascination for approaching mathematics via poetry.
She sees both as languages of precision: the poet and
the mathematician both seek structures, patterns; both
are explorers, discoverers, both realize the abstract
through the concrete.

> More informations and texts

The residency of
Sampurna Chattarji
is supported by
Sampurna Chattarji

Sampurna Chattarji

Varsenik Khatlamajyan

april - mai 12

Varsenik Khatlamajyan, visual artist from Armenia.

Varsenik Khatlamajyan is a young Armenian artist
who lives and works in Yerevan. She is an artist
of enthusiasm. Her work is spontaneous and her
art is non-predicted. In the Villa Sträuli and in
Winterthur she works especially with the medium
photo and video.

The residency of
Varsenik Khatlamajyan
is supported by "ART for The

Varsenik Khatlamajyan

Alexander Peer

january - june 12

Alexander Peer , Author from Austria.

Born in Salzburg in 1971, Alexander Peer studied
German, philosophy, and journalism. He currently
lives in Vienna where he is a freelance author and
journalist. In recent years Peer has made frequent
trips abroad to conduct research or to participate in
author residency programmes.

His books include:
. Ostseeatem (Edition Innsalz, Aspach, 2004)
. Land unter ihnen (Kyrne Verlag, Innsbruck, 2005)
. Herr, erbarme dich meiner - zu Leben und Werk
von Leo Perutz (Edition Art Science, Wien/St.
Wolfgang, 2007)
. Schönheit und Vergänglichkeit (Edition
Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, 2011).

Peer has won several literary prizes and is a
member of the Austrian PEN Club and the
Salzburger Autorengruppe.

Between October and December 2011 he was
writer-in-residence in Schwaz, Austria, where he
was able to concentrate on his work in the quiet
surroundings of the monastery.

> Alexander Peer
> Flyer Meet the Artist Event (Download PDF)

Alexander Peer

Copyright Foto: Wolfgang D. Muik


Hye-Seung Jung

january - march 12

Hye-Seung Jung, visual artist from Canada.

Hye-Seung Jung is a visual artist based in
Calgary, Canada. Born in Seoul, South Korea,
where she earned her BFA. After immigration to
Canada and after her MFA at the University of
Calgary in 2004, she has been showing her
works nationally and internationally.

In her recent works she explores the correlation
between body, space, and perception. The
experiences in contemporary life, which often
entails migration and frequent trips for various
reasons, are part of her interests.

> Profil Hye-Seung Jung

Hye-Seung Jung

Santa Buss

january - june 12

Santa Bušs, Composer from Latvia.

Santa Bušs was born in Limbaži, Latvia. After a
thorough study of music she graduated from the
Latvian Academy of Music in 2005, having studied
with Prof. Dr. Art. Jeļena Ļebedeva. During this time
she also attended Arturs Maskats’s composition
class (2002–07). As a student of Rolands Kronlaks,
Bušs received her master’s degree in composition
in 2009.

Santa Bušs is one of the most talented Latvian
composers of her generation. In recent years
her music has met with great interest throughout
Europe. Since 2011 several of her compositions
have also been performed in concert halls in the
United States and Canada.

One of her focuses during her stay at the Villa
Sträuli will be the subject of “snow” and its
translation into music.

Santa Buss

Sergey Moreino

october - december 11

Sergey Moreino, russian writer living in Latvia

The russian writer and translator Sergey Moreino
lives and works in Lettland. He wrote several books and
won prizes. Thank to a stipend of the Swiss
Arts Council Pro Helvetia he stays as an
Artist-in-Residence in the Villa Sträuli until mid December.
In this peaceful time he can devote himself
to a greater prosework with the title "Duende".

> Invitation Meet the Artist

The residency of Sergey Moreino
is supported by

Willy Merz

july - december 11

Willy Merz, Composer from Italy

Although composer and conductor Willy Merz was born
in Lausanne he has never resided in Switzerland. For
many years he has lived and worked predominantly in
Italy. A graduate of the music academy in Milan Willy
Merz later studied with Ferdinand Leitern and Franco
Donatoni at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena and at
IRCAM in Paris. His works have been performed at
numerous European festivals as well as in the United
States and China. In recent years he has won several
prizes for his work as a composer, received commissions
for compositions from esteemed institutions, and
collaborated with well-known soloists.

> Flyer Concert

Willy Merz

Vasile Baghiu

july - december 11

Vasile Baghiu, Writer from Romania

Inventor of the poetic concept and manifesto of
“chimerism,” Vasile Baghiu is one of Romania’s
notable poetic voices. He lives with his family in
Piatra Neamt and works as a psychologist in the
field of health promotion. In recent years he has
published several books of poetry, and translations
of his poems have appeared in many countries.

Vasile Baghiu

Sayumi Fukushima

july - september 11

Sayumi Fukushima, Artist from Japan

Sayumi Fukushima is a young Japanese artist who
studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She lives
and works in Tokyo. Following the earthquake in
Fukushima she spent time in southern Germany.
Since 2004 she has had several solo exhibitions in
Tokyo and has taken part in a variety of group shows.
She plans to use her three months at the Villa Sträuli
to paint.

> Exhibition Flyer Sayumi Fukushima (PDF in german)

Sayumi Fukushima
Joelle Khoury

mai - june 11

Lebanese Composer Joëlle Khoury

Joëlle Khoury, pianist, improviser, and composer
from Beirut, owes her reputation first and foremost to
her jazz projects. A professor of piano and the
“introduction to twentieth-century music” at the Lebanese
National Higher Conservatory of Music, Khoury studied
musicology and economics at George Mason University
in Virginia, USA, and obtained her master’s in philosophy
at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Invited by the Swiss
Arts Council Pro Helvetia she will be living and working
at the Villa Sträuli for two months.

> Press clip, "Landbote", June 24, 11
(Download in German)
> You Tube: "Cry Baby Cry". Villa Sträuli, 28.6. 2011
> You Tube: "Loop", Villa Sträuli, 28.6.11

The residency of Joëlle Khoury
is supportet by

Joëlle Khoury
Diana Rotaru

April 11

Diana Rotaru, Composer from Rumania

Romanian composer Diana Rotaru is a guest at the
Villa Sträuli for one month, at the invitation of Ensemble
TaG. For this Meet-the-Artist concert an excerpt from her
work will be played with Ensemble TaG musicians.
Rotaru sees herself as a storyteller and she will thus
also talk about herself and her artistic work.

The Meet the Artist Event will be held on april, 19,
8 p.m.

Diana Rotaru
Anzhelina Polonskaya

January - June 11

Anzhelina Polonskaya, Writer from Russia

Anzhelina Polonskaya was born near Moscow and
started seriously writing poetry when she was eighteen.
At the time she was actively working in a very different
field: she was a professional figure skater. Today
she is an important voice on the global poetry scene.

> Article in the Newspaper "Landbote" from march, 5
(in german)

Anzhelina Polonskaya
Oliver Godow

January - June 11

Oliver Godow, Visual Arts

Oliver Godow’s poetic, incisive photographs observe
fragments and details of urban spaces and objects
and reveal how environments are adapted through
use. His work demonstrates a fascination with the
way the unregulated, rich surroundings of cities
provides a ground for people to make interventions
both by choice and necessity; adapting and transforming
their environments both in public and in private.
Godow’s images offer access to fragments of the
world that we struggle through and brush past on
a daily basis. Their quiet melancholy is often met
by a wry smile, a delight in the anthropomorphic
qualities of architecture and the potency of a detail
isolated and identified.

Oliver Godow was chosen to participate at the
"December exhibition 2011" of the "Künstlergruppe
Winterthur" > More Informations

> http://www.olivergodow.com
> ICA London Commission
> ICA Institut of Contemorary Art
> Archithese

> Flyer Exhibition Stadtbibliothek (PDF in german)
> Press clip "der Landbote", July, 13 (PDF in german)

Special editions Oliver Godow
1. (red salvia), Winterthur 2011, digital print,
10 pieces, signed

2. yellow tulip, Winterthur 2011, digital print
10 pieces, signed

3. green leave, Winterthur 2011, digital print, 10 pieces,

red salvia yellow tulip green leave

Prize per piece: CHF 200.-; 2 editions: CHF 300.- and
3 editionen CHF 400.-.
Interested: please contact directly Oliver Godow:

Oliver Godow
Christiane Hommelsheim


Christiane Hommelsheim,
Voice Performer from Germany

Voice performer Christiane Hommelsheim lives
in Berlin and will be at the Villa Sträuli for a short
time only. During her stay she will perform, together
with Irene Mattioli of Zurich, her piece “Alphabet,”
Inger Christensen’s long poem set to music.

Download Flyer Workshop

Indrajit Hazra

October - December 10

Indrajit Hazra, Writer from India

The residency of Indrajit Hazra
is supported by

Indrajit Hazra
Susan Riegel

August - September 10

Susan Tonkin Riegel, Visual Artist from USA

Within the past four or five years Susan Riegel's work
has progressed from mostly two dimensional mixed
media on paper into a series of semi- three dimensional
wood collage pieces. The past two years I have used old
ironing boards as ground surfaces as well as cigar boxes.

The work is a combination of various parts of my everyday
life, which includes family, pets, nature, travel, inner
consciousness, dreams, and spiritual beliefs. It is
fabricated in a spontaneous way, with a willingness
and openness to accept accidents that present
themselves along the way. Some of the materials used
include wood, cloth, paint, string, ribbon, dryer lint, wire,
game parts, newspaper, handmade paper and an
assortment of recycled objects.


Susan Tonkin Riegel
Scott Conarroe

July - December 10

Scott Conarroe, Photographer from Canada

Scott Conarroe makes photographs of landscape and
infrastructure and ambiance. He likes paradoxical topics
and poetic types of tension. He discerns cultural ideals
and identities from the built environment.


Eunsun Lee

July - December 10

Eunsun Lee, Composer from Corea/Germany

The Korean composer Eunsun Lee studied in the
Meisterklasse under Professor Wilfried Krätzschmar at the
"Hochschule für Musik" in Dresden. It was there that she
composed her first opera" Vorfall in Kwangju" - Incident in
Kwangju, which was premièred to great acclaim at the
Semper Opera Dresden's theatre "Kleine Szene". Further
studies followed under Professor Wolfgang Rihm in
Karlsruhe Music-theatre plays a central role in her creative
output with projects in Frankfurt, Berlin and Ouagadougou
planned for the coming year. She has received various
prizes, including 2nd Prize at the International Composition
Competition of the Dresden Chamber Choir and has
already made a name for herself with numerous
performances in Germany, Korea and internationally.

Eunsun Lee
Wolfgang Semmelrock

July 10

Wolfgang Semmelrock, Visual Artist from Austria

Wolfgang Semmelrock
Helena Nicolao

June 10

Helena Nicolao, choreographer, dancer, and bodywork
therapist from Germany

During her month stay at the Villa Sträuli, Helena Nicolao
will focus on her research project “Somatic Learning and
Site-Specific Performance.” She will concentrate on
investigating sensitive perception and its implementation
in dance, movement, voice, and sound. As part of her
project she will invite additional choreographers,
musicians, and dancers to the Villa for one week each.
They will experiment with her, using the Villa Sträuli house
and garden as performance site. Those invited are: Maria
Carreras, Mette Bruhn, Sabine Heusser-Engel, and Isabel

> to the profile of Helena Nicolao

Helena Nicolao

Quynh Vantu

March-April 10

Quynh Vantu , Visual Artist and architect, from USA

Quynh Vantu received her Master of Architecture from the
Cranbrook Academy of Art and her Bachelor of Architecture
from Virginia Tech in the US. Although trained and licensed
as an architect, Quynh does not discern between
architecture and art. Her work explores our physical
relationship to the built environment and how we interact
with our spatial surroundings. Drawing from her upbringing
in the American “South”, Quynh's work stems from
influences of porch culture and “southern hospitality”,
enacting social virtues and exchanges in the architectural
interventions she creates. She has been awarded a
Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant from the American
Institute of Architects-NY to travel and study contemporary
Swiss architecture and research at the ETH-Zürich.
And she is continuing her studies in the studio here, at
the Villa Sträuli.

Quynh Vantu
Katharina Hohmann

March 10

Katharina Hohmann, Visual Artist, main focus:
Art in Public Space, from Germany

> Katharina Hohmann's website

Katharina Hohmann, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli
Stéphane Lambert

February 10

Stéphane Lambert, author from Belgium

Born in Brussels in 1974 Stéphane Lambert holds a Master
in Romance languages from the Université Libre de
Bruxelles. Before he turned 30 he has worked as a
publisher of Belgian literature. He currently contributes to
cultural magazines for which he mainly writes actor’s
portraits. He has published different kinds of books in prose
(novels, shorts stories, essays…) and made some
documentary and fictional works for the radio. He received
different institutional Belgian awards and grants. He was a
literature lecturer in Prague Charles University and stayed in
writer’s residence in Rome, Berlin, Vilnius and Paris. He
devotes more and more his writings on art and artists. After
an essay about Monet’s Waterlilies, he is now working on
the last paintings of Rothko. He divides himself between the
necessity to root somewhere and the need for being
somewhere else.


Stéphane Lambert by Julien Pohl
Moez Surani

January to July 10

Moez Surani, author from Canada

Moez Surani's poetry and short fiction have been widely
published in Canada, as well as in the U.S., Europe and
Asia. He has won a number of awards, including the
Kingston Literary Award, the Dublin Quarterly ’s Poem of the
Year and a Chalmers Arts Fellowship which supported a
research stint to India and East Africa. He is the author of
Reticent Bodies, which is a distinguished debut collection of
poems. He'll be moving to Switzerland in January to begin a
writing residency where he'll focus on a novel.

Moez Surani
Anett Frontzek

January to July 10

Anett Frontzek, visual artist from Germany

Anett Frontzek examines urban, architectural, geological,
and sociological structures in her art. Though her
background is sculpture, in recent years she has focused
on drawings, paper cutouts, and installations. All projects
are accompanied by artist books, which are themselves
independent works.

When participating in competitions and Kunst am Bau
(Art in Architecture) projects Anett Frontzek is interested in
developing artistic concepts that are individually designed
in scale and content for a particular location and user.

More information about the artist: www.anettfrontzek.de
Article in the local Newspaper (german)

Anett Frontzek
Kai Syng Tan

January 2010

Kai Syng Tan, visual artist from Singapore

Tan Kai Syng studied visual art from 1994 to 1998 at the
Slade School in London and for twelve years has been
using mainly videos to question historical truth and other
“great stories”. After studying painting and sculpture, she
resorted to more ‘labyrinthine’ approaches to art, even
before in Singapore the fashion was to cast “sculptures
of the very dead in bronze - the deader the better and
bigger” and to have “watercolours of chicken running
around in the age before bird flu, or rather when such
issues as bird flu were ignored”, as she says. She
resolved to gather brief accounts of the past, which do
not dovetail into a single truth and which would
otherwise soon land on “the ash-heap of history”.
This is why she calls herself ‘gurung guni’, Malayan
for ‘rubbish collector’.


Kai Syng Tan
Anna Bolecka

November to December 09

Anna Bolecka , author from Poland

Anna Bolecka intends to describe in her new
novel an incident that takes place in Zurich. She
wants to soak in the atmosphere of the city,
its buildings and streets, and see the places
where those who had fled from persecution
found refuge.

The residency of Anna Bolecka
is supported by

Veronika Tzekova

October to November 09

Veronika Tzekova, Multimedia Artist from Bulgaria

artist, creative strategist, visual culturist, 99% positive.
born in 1973, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 2001 Veronika Tzekova graduated MFA from Dutch Art
Institute (DAI), postgraduate interdisciplinary research in
visual arts and media, Enschede, The Netherlands.

In 2004/2005 she takes part in Bauhaus Kolleg VI,
“Transnational Spaces”, postgraduate program, Dessau,
Germany with grant by relations project of the Federal
Cultural Foundation.

In 2009/2010 Veronika is taking part in the 7th Asia-Europe
Art Camp – Art Workshop for Visual Arts, organized by
Casino Luxembourg on the topic “Moved, mutated and
disturbed identities”, an international post master
programme organized on the occasion of the Luxembourg
Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai (CN).

Veronika Tzekova presented her projects and art works in
solo and group exhibitions in Paris, (France), Ljubljana
(Slovenia), Luxemburg,  Vienna (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia
and Montenegro), Kassel, Dessau, Berlin, Ochtrup
(Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Enschede, Amsterdam (The
Netherlands), Thessaloniki (Greece), Bratislava (Slovakia),
Denver (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Sofia (Bulgaria).
The media used by the artist vary from sculptures, site-
specific installations, photography and digital images and
often various advertisement media and performances.
Lately the artist takes part in some urban and street art

Issues of identities, public space, advertisement and
cultural icons, symbolic production and urban practices
are some of her main interests as an artist.



The residency of Veronika Tzekova
is supported by

> Flyer Meet the Artist (in german)
Robert Serban

September to October 09

Robert Serban, author from Rumania

Robert Şerban was born on October 4, 1970, in
Turnu Severin (Romania). He lives in Timişoara.
He is a writer and journalist, producer and presenter
of the television programme The Fifth Wheel
(analogue TV, Timişoara), editor of the magazine
Orizont, and director of the Brumar publishing house.

His book of poems Heimkino, bei mir (Home-cinema)
was published in German in 2009 by Pop Verlag.

In 2004 he was decorated for his services to culture
with the rank of knight by the Romanian presidency.

Robert Serban

Abdus Salam

July to September 09

Abdus Salam , visual artist from Bangladesh

With a keen eye Abdus Salam sees things in society,
politics, and ways of living that culminate in the heartless,
vulgar, arousing, fantasized “Bangla cinema.” Our society
has a tendency to forget its authenticity, its cultural heritage,
and for Abdus Salam it is high time to revive rapidly
dwindling meaning, and to nurture and stimulate it
through the language of art. In his Space Prints he
uses footprints, ruins of buildings, walls—things
with history—as his plates. He makes impressions
from these, monoprints, to which he then adds colour.
At times his work is supplemented by audio-visuals
or documentary film material. With his contemporary
testimonials, Abdus Salam seeks to draw people’s
attention to their history, heritage, and their culture.

article in the "Landbote" (in german)

The residency of Abdus Salam
is supported by

Abdus Salam

Heera Kim

July to december 09

Heera Kim , composer from Corea

South Korean composer Heera Kim has been studying
composition and music theory for her soloist degree
(Solistenklasse) with Dr.h.c. Wolfgang Rihm at the
college of music in Karlsruhe since 2007. She has
already won several important international prizes
and composed major solo works for different
instruments, ensemble music, as well as electronic
and orchestral music. Her music often references
colours, shapes, and shadows in nature in a variety
of ways, and via increasingly sophisticated methods
she tries to translate these ideas and concepts into

Heera Kim

Copyright Photo:Astrid Ackerman
Traudl Bünger

July to August 09

Dr. Traudl Bünger, author from Germany

Since 2004 writer Traudl Bünger has organised the
programme for the international literature festival
lit.COLOGNE, including inviting authors, moderators,
and actors to the festival. She is also active with the
festival in her role as author, writing literary programmes
that are cast with actors and then staged. In addition,
Traudl Bünger writes literary criticism and radio features,
and in 2007 she published, with Roger Willemsen, Ich
gebe Ihnen mein Ehrenwort. Die Weltgeschichte der
Lüge (I Give You My Word: The Global History of Lies)
(S. Fischer Verlag).

During her stay at the Villa Sträuli she will work on a
prose project that playfully calls into question the
boundaries of fiction and reality, the viability of
perceptions and constructions of reality.

Article from September, 8 (Der Landbote)
Article from November, 16 (Der Landbote)

Traudl Bünger

Copyright Photo:Patrick Essex  
Anja Knecht

January to July 09

Anja Knecht, visual artist from Germany

Artist Anja Knecht is primarily concerned with new
media. In her works she poses the question, “what
kind of images are we seeing?” Her request is not
to answer this with deconstruction but to show the
process of media communication. By simultaneously
making visible and veiling, she produces in-between
spaces that the viewer is required to fill.


Invitation "Rubato" frontpage
Invitation "Rubato" 2nd page (text in german)

More informations about Anja Knecht:

Anja Knecht, Artist-in-Residence 2009 in der Villa Sträuli
Junko Sugimoto

April to June 09

Junko Sugimoto, Installation art from Japan/USA

Junko Sugimoto makes use of a wide variety of
common materials such as paper, Cheerios, yearn,
etc. to create dynamic and challenging sculptures
and installations. The inspiration for her work
comes from her frequent travels, where, far away
from home, she finds strenght in the comfort of
familiar objects. Since 2003, she has lived in
seven different places: Osaka, Tokyo, Kanazawa,
New York, Paris, Brooklyn, and Pont-Aven and
Winterthur. Because of her nomadic lifestyle, her
belongings have been reduced to simply what is
necessary and she is forced to reacquire the
common materials of everyday life in each new
location. Thus, objects and materials such as
maxi-pads, towels, and q-tips that rarely inspire
much thought or emotion acquire a profound
significance for her.

More information about the artist:

Junko Sugimoto
Käthe Schönle

January to April 09

Käthe Schönle, painter from Germany/Austria

Käthe Schönle completed her art studies with honours
at the Kunsthochschule (School of Art and Design)
Kassel, Germany, in 2006, and was awarded the art
prize of the city of Kassel in 2005. She works principally
in the mediums of painting and drawing. Her attempt to
come to terms with “media excess,” the daily flood of
images, is reflected in her work.

From March 6 to March 28, Käthe Schönle will show
paintings and drawings in the "Kunstraum Winterthur".

Invitation Kunstraum Winterthur (PDF, in German)

More Informations:

Käthe Schönle, Artist-in-Residence 2009 in der Villa Sträuli

exhibition in the 'Kunstraum Winterthur'
Oksana Zabuzhko

March, 09

Oksana Zabuzhko, Writer from Ukraine

Oksana Zabuzhko, Ukraine's leading contemporary
author, was born in 1960. She graduated from the
department of philosophy of Kyiv Shevchenko
University in 1982, and obtained her Phd in
philosophy of arts in 1987. She has worked as a
Research Associate for the Institute of Philosophy
of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, lectured in
the US on Ukrainian culture and worked as a
columnist for some of the Ukraine's major journals.
After the publication of her novel Field Work in Ukrainian
Sex (1996), later named "the most influential Ukrainian
book for the 15 years of independance", she has been
living as a free-lance author. She is Vice-President of
the Ukrainian PEN. At Villa Sträuli Oksana Zabuzhko
wants to complete the final chapter of her Novel "The
Museum of Abandoned Secrets".

Thanks to Pro Helvetia Oksana Zabuzhko can stay
in the Villa Sträuli.

> More informations

Oksana Zabuzhko, Artist-in-Residence March 2009
Cristina Ohlmer

January to February 09

Cristina Ohlmer, visual artist from Germany

For Freiburg-based artist Cristina Ohlmer, the most
important work components in her examination of
the contents of art are major installations and staged
investigations of image, colour, and light, as well as
drawing with nulla dies sine linea and pluies d’encre.

More Informations (PDF, in German):
Text 'Tage in Tianjin'

Website Cristina Ohlmer

Cristina Ohlmer, Artist in Residence 2009
Russudan Meipariani

October to December 08

Russudan Meipariani

The musician Russudan Meipariani was born in Tbilisi,
Georgia in 1975.

More Informations:

Russudan Meipariani, Artist-in-Residence 2008 in der Villa Sträuli
Luca Bertolo

September to December 08

Luca Bertolo

Luca Bertolo's artwork is centred on painting and
drawing, considered as sophisticated means for
reflection on representation. He has developed his
research along the lines formed by the intersection
of a cold and intentional conceptual/analytic
approach to pinting with painting itself as the
result of a synthetic, warmer and partially unintential
process. He works also with other media such as
drawing, collage, video and writing.

Luca Bertolo, Artist-in-Residence 2008 in der Villa Sträuli
Cecilia Barriga

July to September 08

Cecilia Barriga

Cecilia Barriga was born in Chile in 1957. She lives
and works in Madrid, Spain. She has devided her
residence among Spain, Chile and other countries
since 1977. For the past 20 years, she has worked
in different visual formats: film, video art, documentary
and feature film. As an Artist-in-Residence at Villa Sträuli
she wants to finish her feature film "El viento que
regresa" that she is realizing together with Claudia
Lorenz from Zurich.

> Short profile Cecilia Barriga

> Invitation "Meet the Artist" / september, 19, 2008

Portrait Cecilia Barriga
Ruth Anderwald &
Leonhard Grond

July to December 08

Ruth Anderwald & Leonhard Grond

Since 1999 Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond
are working together in Photographie, Installations
and Experimental Film.

> Website Anderwald-Grond

Ruth Anderwald und Leonhard Grond, Artist-in-Residence 2008 in der Villa Sträuli

Rainer Düvell

July to September 08

Rainer Düvell from Germany, Architect

Architect and artist Rainer Düvell works at the
interaction of space, sculpture and installation.
He studied art and architecture and is fascinated
with the link between the two. In addition to his
activities as an artist, he oversees the studio
recidency program, LA FABRIK in Berlin, which
he established. The cities of Winterthur, Thun
and St. Gallen have been sending grant recipients
to La Fabrik since 2004.

> Website Rainer Düvell
> Website LA FABRIK
> Flyer exposition "Welten Wechsel"
> Website Kunstraum Winterthur
> Media Information Exhibition "Welten Wechsel"

Portrait Rainer Duevell

Rekha Tandon

Mai to June 08

Rekha Tandon, dancer from India

Dr. Rekha Tandon is the Artistic Director of
Dance Routes. She is an Odissi Performer,
choreographer and researcher.

Her stay in the Villa Sträuli is part of the "60
Years Jubilee Swiss- Indian Friendship Treaty ".

> Website Jubilee
> Short profile Rekha Tandon

Rekha Tandon, Artist-in-Residence 2008 in der Villa Sträuli

Julia Mensch

Mid-Jan. to end of June 08

Julia Mensch, installation art, Argentina

In her installations, artist Julia Mensch from Buenos
Aires explores individual history, seeing in it a
dimension entirely different from that found in official
historiography. By tracing the history of individuals,
she enables both a re-experiencing and a reinvention.
In addition to her work as an artist, Julia Mensch has
taught art at various school levels.

> Short profile Julia Mensch
> Invitation Open Studio

Portrait Julia Mensch

Nora Ikstena            

Mid-Jan. to end of June 08

Nora Ikstena, literature, Latvia

Hailing from Riga, Nora Ikstena is a versatile author
who has published short stories and novels, written
screenplays, and has worked as a journalist and
associate editor for a number of Latvian publications.
An active member of various national cultural policy
committees, Nora Ikstena documents the cultural and
political development of her country while also serving
as an impetus herself. She is the recipient of several
prizes, and her books have been translated into many

> Short profile Nora Ikstena

Nora Ikstena, Artist-in-Residence 2008 at the Villa Sträuli

Nahla Mattar

February to ende of April 08
Nahla Mattar, composer, Egypt

Composer, teacher, and researcher Nahla Mattar is
assistant professor at Helwan University in Cairo. She
received her doctorate in composition in 2005 from
Arizona State University. Her objective is to compose
powerful, expressive music that blends sound with
visual and theatrical rituals in order to explore themes
of cultural pluralism and border crossing. Her main
interest lies in the electro-acoustic-digital interactive
medium. (Quotation, World New Music Festival,
Stuttgart, 2006)

Nahla Mattar was awarded at the International
Competition for Women Composers the 2nd prize
to the composition "Three for violoncello, bass clarinet
and piano". The piece was written by Nahla Mattar
during her residency as an artist-in-residence at the
Villa Sträuli.

> Short profile Nahla Mattar

> Webblog from Nahla Mattar

> Results Composers Competition

Portrait Nahla Mattar

Katharina Hohmann

July to December 2007

Katharina Hohmann, Visual Artist, main focus:
Art in Public Space, from Germany

> Katharina Hohmann's website

> Sept. 7: Meet the Artists "OPERATION - Space & Music",
   joint project (concert/installation) with Yoshihiro Hanno

> Participation in the International Festival of Light,
   Winterthur, November 2007: "Lost Chandeliers"

> Exhibition at the 'Kunsttreppe' gallery, Oct. - Dec. 2007:
   "If you please, draw me a sheep!" (information in German)
   Call to participate
   Press release
   Flyer (2 pages)

Katharina Hohmann, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Latest news: Impressions from
the exhibition "If you please, draw
me a sheep!"

Maryna Ochab

November 2007

Maryna Ochab, translator

Maryna Ochab, Polish, 61. After a short journalist career,
since 1976 she has been working as a free-lance translator
of texts belonging to diverse areas of human sciences and
literature. She has worked with many Polish and French
journals and publishers. On a regular basis, she
collaborates with the literary revue "Zeszyty Literackie".

Małgorzata Łukasiewicz

October 2007

Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, translator

Malgorzata Lukasiewicz, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Marianne Racine

September/October 2007

Marianne Racine , singer and pianist

> Marianne Racine's website

Marianne Racine, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Clara Moreau

September 2007

Clara Moreau, singer und accordionist

> Clara Moreau's website

Clara Moreau, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Yoshihiro Hanno

April to September 2007

Yoshihiro Hanno, composer from Japan

> Yoshihiro Hanno's website

> Hanno composed a piece that was premiered
   at the 'Winterthurer Musikfestwochen' festival

> Sept. 7: Meet the Artists "OPERATION - Space & Music",
   joint project (concert/installation) with K. Hohmann

Yoshihiro Hanno, Artist-in-Residence 2007 at the Villa Sträuli

Agnes Janich

Aug.-Sept./Nov. 2007

Agnes J., photographer and installation artist
from New York / Poland

> Portrait Agnes Janich

> Agnes Janich's website

Agnes Janich, Artist-in-Residence 2007 at the Villa Sträuli

Andreas van Dühren

March 2007

Andreas van Dühren, writer and publisher

> TEXT, review and publishing house

Florin Tudor and Mona

January to June 2007

Florin Tudor and Mona Vatamanu, conceptual artists;
new media and photography, from Romania

> Project website Florin Tudor and Mona Vatamanu

> Presentation of their projects at the Cabaret Voltaire
   during the finissage «Dada East?
   The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire», February 21

> "Kunstwand" at the municipial library, video installation,

> Meet the Artists, open studio, April 27-29

Mona Vatamanu und Florin Tudor, Artists-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Boris Pérez

January to June 2007

Boris Pérez, visual artist from Colombia

> Boris Pérez on the website of "Casa Cuadrada"

> Boris Pérez' painting in the Villa Sträuli's bistro

> Exhibition at "station21" in Zurich, April 13 - 27

> Exhibition at the gallery Casa Cuadrada / b-146
   in Zurich, May 5 to June 30

> Meet the Artists, open studio, April 27-29

> Meet the Artist, "En busca del desorden", June 15

Boris Perez, Artist-in-Residence 2007 in der Villa Sträuli

Teodora Stepančić

January to March 2007

Teodora Stepančić, copmoser, pianist and
performing artist from Serbia

> Teodora Stepančić's website

> Meet the Artists, February 16:

Portrait-concert Teodora Stepančić

The pre-art soloists play works by Teodora
Stepančić (Pro Helvetia grant recipient), Darija
Andovska, and others. The concert was
accompanied by commentary and followed
by an aperitif.
> Programme (2 pages)

Teodora Stepancic, Artist-in-Residence 2007 at the Villa Sträuli

Bettina Carl

July to December 2006

Bettina Carl from Berlin, works with drawings and

> Portrait Bettina Carl

> Bettina Carl's website

> Exhibition "Soll und Haben" together with
   Rafael Grassi, Dezember 7-12, at the Villa Sträuli

> "Kunstwand" at the Stadtbibliothek, exhibition,
   November 7 to Dezember 2

> "Meet the Artists", "Umwege ohne Leitung",
   with Bettina Carl and Rafael Grassi, November 3

> Open Studios September 15-17, together with
   Rafael Grassi and Angie Seah

Bettina Carl, bildende Künstlerin, Artist-in-Residence 2006 in der Villa Sträuli

Rafael Grassi

July to December 2006

Rafael Grassi-Hidalgo, Painter from Montluçon

> Portrait Rafael Grassi

> Exhibition "Soll und Haben" together with
   Bettina Carl, Dezember 7-12, at the Villa Sträuli

> "Kunstwand" at the Stadtbibliothek, exhibition,
   November 7 to Dezember 2

> "Meet the Artists", "Umwege ohne Leitung",
   with Bettina Carl and Rafael Grassi, November 3

> Open Studios September 15-17, together with
   Bettina Carl and Angie Seah

Rafael Grassi, bildender Künstler, Artist-in-Residence 2006 in der Villa Sträuli

Maria R. Isliker and
Ulla Rohr

End of November until
beginning December 06

'Stumm-Symposium' with Maria R. Isliker and Ulla Rohr,
visual artists

Artistic exchange of ideas without words, followed
by an exhibition


Hana Bezouska

October 2006

Hana Bezouska, singer

> Hana Bezouska's Website

Hana Bezouska, singer, Artist-in-Residence 2006 in der Villa Sträuli

Angie Seah

August and September

Angie Seah, Visual Artist (Drawing)
from Singapore

> Website Angie Seah

> Opening of Angie's Drawing Exhibition at the
   Villa Sträuli, September 24

> Open Studios September 15-17, together with
   Rafael Grassi and Bettina Carl

Angie Seah, bildende Künstlerin, Artist-in-Residence 2006 in der Villa Sträuli

Hamdy Reda

May to July 2006

Hamdy Reda, Photographer from Cairo

> Portrait Hamdy Reda

> Website / Blog Hamdy Reda

> "Meet the Artist": Kario meets Winterthur, July 7,2006,
   followed by the opening of the exhibition containing
   the installation "Reflexion", until July 14

Hamdy Reda, bildender Künstler, Artist-in-Residence 2006 in der Villa Sträuli